10 Artists Who HATE Their Own Albums

9. Pablo Honey - Radiohead

Radiohead have pretty much become staples of art rock at this point. While originally known as some of the biggest stars of alternative rock, the band's work in the '00s from Kid A to a Moon Shaped Pool in 2016 has made for some of the most interesting sonic detours any mainstream band has taken on. However, many forget that this band was dangerously close to being labeled a one-album wonder.

Though the band had an outright classic with their third record OK Computer, the band's first step up to the plate with Pablo Honey is still something that the band doesn't really enjoy revisiting. While most of the album is pretty much the standard angsty alternative rock of the day, much of the band's frustrations comes down to the one lead single from the album, "Creep."

Even in the studio the band hated this song, with guitarist Jonny Greenwood intentionally trying to screw up the song in between takes. As Radiohead has gone on, "Creep" still remains a classic of the '90s, but the band have almost kept it completely out of their touring setlists for years now. It's one thing to just dislike an album, but Pablo Honey (and "Creep" specifically) is the one thing that Radiohead pretends doesn't exist.

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