10 Awesome Albums Made Entirely Of Outtakes

The Best of the B-Sides.


The studio album is probably the greatest musical statement a band can hope to make. Across about an hour, these musicians pour their heart and soul into these songs that will hopefully resonate with their fanbase for years to come. On the other hand, even the scraps from other albums make for great albums in and of themselves.

These are the examples where a band made music that was so good even some choice songs were left on the cutting room floor. Instead of just leaving them as odds and ends, these bands have released records that compile the best of their secondary material into a delightful package. These tunes also tend to show different sides of the band, from covers to sonic experiments with different genres.

Rather than coming off as misguided or just a cash grab, these albums have held up surprisingly well as a cohesive sonic statement from these artists. Some of these albums were so good that they have become mainstays in the band's catalog alongside their proper studio albums. These songs may not be what you'd expect from these artists, but these albums as a whole show that these acts were still fantastic even when they weren't delivering their "best" material.

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