10 Awesome Albums Made Entirely Of Outtakes

10. Beyond Magnetic - Metallica

Ever since the start of the 2000's, Metallica have had much longer waits in between album releases compared to their 80's prime. Often times, these records would come together very organically, with results ranging from valiant efforts to...St. Anger. Given the constant wait period, it's nice Metallica recognized this once they were finishing up their anniversary packages.

As a bonus snippet for fans, the band released a song a week for their 30th anniversary shows that were leftovers from the Death Magnetic sessions. Once they were all unleashed upon the metal masses, they were then compiled into the delectable EP Beyond Magnetic. As it stands, this mini album is incredibly strong, with every track measuring up to the greatness of Death Magnetic. With the last few releases showing more of an experimental side of the band, each one of these tracks is an epic unto itself, with tracks like "Rebel of Babylon" conjuring images of masterpieces like "Fade To Black."

Death Magnetic may have been the main return to form, but this album is still essential for anyone itching for more Metallica thrashabouts. After years of sticking their noses in different styles, Beyond Magnetic is another sign that Metallica were back in full force.

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