10 Awesome Bruce Springsteen Stories That Prove He's The Boss

4. Busking In Boston

Boston street busker David Gonzalez couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted Bruce walking near his usual spot. The Boss was in Boston to move his son into school and happened to pass Gonzalez, who was a huge fan and just so happened to have a Springsteen story to tell. Springsteen stopped to talk to the busker who then told Bruce about the time he and his best friend (who were fifteen years old and lived in Argentina) sold all of their earthly possessions and took a thirty two hour trip on a cargo train to see Springsteen perform in South America - only to miss the show.

Touched by the story, Bruce took Gonzalez up on the offer to play his guitar and, not only did he play his guitar, but he performed one of Gonzalez's original compositions, too. After dropping $20 and accepting a signed CD from Gonzalez, Bruce left only to return thirty minutes later with a sizeable amount of money, telling Gonzalez that it was for 'the trip he never made'.

After the incident, people began inundating Gonzalez with offers to buy the guitar that Bruce had played.


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