10 Awesome Rock Bands With Terrible Debut Albums

9. From Genesis to Revelation - Genesis

Most of the hardened prog rock fans would normally single out the Phil Collins years as the moment where Genesis really started to take a turn for the worse. Since they didn't have the artistic spirit of a Peter Gabriel in their ranks, hearing songs like Invisible Touch on the radio was probably a bit disconcerting for the people that were raised on songs like Firth of Fifth. Even before Collins was even in the band though, Genesis didn't necessarily have all the bugs worked out just yet.

Recorded while most of the band members were still at boarding school, From Genesis to Revelation feels more like a novelty item to look back on these days. Since Tony Banks and Gabriel are still clearly finding their feet, this entire record doesn't feel like it belongs in the same category as prog rock, almost like they were trying on some weird mix of baroque pop and psychedelic rock.

You can at least give them credit for making something that was a bit out of the ordinary for the time, but what may have sounded ahead of the curve back then is very much the past now, with Silent Sun sounding more suited to a particularly bad kids TV show some of the time. Since their next album Trespass would introduce the traditional Genesis to the world, it's a pretty safe bet for most of the prog completists to skip this one.

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