10 Awesome Supergroups We Never Got To See

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The rock world has been blessed with many a supergroup in its time. Despite every red flag of these not working, some of the finest musicians in the world have been able to come together and actually make some pretty compelling music outside of their main outfits. However, that’s just scratching the surface of those who we really needed to see.

Outside of acts like Velvet Revolver and the Traveling Wilburys, there have been signs of various supergroups occurring throughout history, only to have the plug pulled on them at the 11th hour. Whether it be through contractual obligations or scheduling conflicts, each of these acts at least had intentions on working together that somehow got lost in the shuffle. Considering the pedigree at hand, we certainly didn’t have anything to worry about, but it stings that much more when you can actually see them working together well. Then again, maybe some of these artists haven’t quite said their piece yet.

While some of them seem more like pipe dreams than others, there’s still time for some of these musical tour de forces to work themselves out. I mean, if something like the Damn Yankees was able to exist, we can at least get some of these too, right?

10. Metalli - Primus

There will probably never be another metal bassist who can really hold a candle to Cliff Burton. Though he was taken from us just after the release of Metallica's third album Master of Puppets, his vast knowledge of harmony and eclectic musical taste left a legacy on the four-string community going forward. While Jason Newsted did the best that he could filling that slot on And Justice For All, we almost had a slightly funkier bassist at the helm.

During the interim period where Metallica was auditioning bass players before touring, Kirk Hammett had originally suggested his high school friend Les Claypool try out, considering how talented a player he was in their salad days. As James Hetfield is quick to point out now though, the chemistry was never really there, with Claypool having the ability to play circles around the rest of the group.

Then again, it would have been incredibly interesting to see what Primus' unique brand of weird would have been like when working off of Hetfield's heavy as hell riffs. It's not like Claypool harbors any resentment for not being chosen either, with him busting out his own bassified version of Master of Puppets from time to time. For as much as the music world is better off with both Metallica and Primus as their own entities, there's probably an alternate timeline wear Metallica became the progenitors of funk metal.

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