10 Bands That Broke Up After Their Debut Album

Short and sweet, that's how these bands liked their careers at least.

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Longevity in a music career can differ drastically from artist to artist. Some bands such as Metallica or Iron Maiden for example, have had a 4 decade long career, having released many albums and are still continuing to expand on their careers. On the other hand, some artists have short lived careers. This can be for a plethora of reasons, from a lack of success for the act or that the artists simply decided that they did not want to pursue a long-term music career. Sometimes, however, we just don't know why the act decided to call it a day. In some cases, like for Nirvana, they were able to provide us with three outstanding studio albums in their short 7-year long career.

However, some bands didn't make it past their debut album. Why is that? Well, there are countless reasons, maybe the band's music wasn't as successful as they had hoped it would be or maybe they had second thoughts about pursuing a career in music. Some would eventually return for a second go at their career, but only after parting ways following their debut.

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