10 Bands That Broke Up After Their Debut Album

10. Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are one of the modern Metalcore scene's staple acts, having released 6 successful studio albums over the course of their 12 year long career. The band, as we know it, was formed by guitarist Ben Bruce and vocalist Danny Worsnop in York, England, back in 2008 and shortly moved to Texas after signing to Sumerian Records. What most people do not know, is that this is Ben Bruce's second rendition of Asking Alexandria, with the first attempt proving unsuccessful.

The first version of Asking Alexandria was formed back in 2006 in Dubai, where Ben Bruce resided at the time. The early formation of the band had a very short career span, lasting only 2 years. The band released the debut album 'The Irony of Your Perfection' in 2007, and has been regarded as a commercial flop according to Bruce. Bruce decided to move back to England in 2008 after concluding that this version of the band wouldn't achieve the international success that he desired.

Bruce is the only member of this version to remain in the current formation of Asking Alexandria, with the other members going their separate ways after the band's split in 2008. However, former vocalist James Murray made an appearance on the bands sophomore album 'Reckless & Relentless' in 2011. Despite the lack of success gained from Bruce's first attempt with Asking Alexandria, it's clear that the second formation of the band is a commercial and international success.

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