10 Bands That Deserve To Be More Than One Hit Wonders

More Than a Fluke...

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The idea of being a one hit wonder is the stuff of nightmares if you're just trying to get the ball rolling in the music industry. After all, if everyone just sees you for the one hit, then they are going to have a microscopic view of everything you're really about. Though some of these acts deserve to be flashes in the pan, there were plenty of others that deserved to be around for a little while longer.

As much as some of these artists may have tried to capture the same magic as their hit again and again, it never really came to fruition, with them sinking either further into obscurity or making waves on the indie scene without the help of some major corporation. Good for them for landing on their feet, but that back catalog deserves to have a lot more hits, with some of them even being modern classics that no one's really heard of.

While some may have fallen flat on their face after the big hit, there was still some gas left in the tank that could have taken them to even greater heights. We might never have gotten the follow through, but it's nice to at least have the back catalog to sift through if you're needing something good.

10. Arthur Brown

In the grand scheme of rock and roll, the idea of shock rock almost sounds like an oxymoron. I mean, the whole point of making this wild and zany music in the first place was to scare the hell out of the parents who didn't want us listening to it, right? While Alice Cooper and KISS may have been the originators of the practice, Patient Zero for shock rock probably belongs to Arthur Brown.

Taking anything and everything he did and channeling it into his music, Brown stood out as the way too experimental side of the psychedelic movement in the late '60s. Aside from the massive amounts of LSD that were probably taken in the process, his hit Fire managed to storm up the charts, nearly making it to the very top if it had not been for the Beatles releasing Hey Jude the exact same week.

After the Fire died down though, Brown kept on trucking making some of the most wild music that he could, informed as much from the worlds of R&B as he was from the macabre kind of blues he had just cultivated. Along with bands like Covet and Black Sabbath before him, Arthur Brown's role as a rock and roll visionary has more than earned him a spot among the most influential artists of all time.

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