10 Bands That Ended Their Careers On A High Note

9. Double Fantasy - John Lennon

For a little while, it felt like John Lennon had decided to permanently retire from making rock and roll. After already going through the hell of his "lost weekend" and almost losing his wife Yoko in the process, John had hung up the guitar for the back half of the '70s, choosing to become a house husband and spending his time looking after his young son Sean. A new decade was starting though, and it was time for the former Beatle to get back into the world.

During a harsh experience sailing, John arrived on dry land with a greater lease on life, coming up with new songs while he was in Bermuda and sharing them with Yoko over the phone. When he came back to New York, John started to craft enough songs for an album, operating as a dialogue taking place between him and Yoko across one album. Though Double Fantasy does sound like John officially entering the dad phase of his career, you can hear him much more comfortable in his own skin, especially when talking about his time baking bread on Cleanup Time and comforting his son on Beautiful Boy.

The good times weren't meant to last for too long though, as John would be gunned down outside of the Dakota apartment building a few months after the album was released. It had been a long road back to making music, but it's nice to hear that John had found some sort of inner peace before he left us.

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