10 Bands That Just Need To Stop

They gave us joy and warmth in our hearts. Once. A really long time ago...


Once upon a time, there were bands regarded as "unstoppable" by fans and critics. They were world conquerors, masters of their genre. They could do no wrong, because they didn't know what "wrong" was. They topped charts, end of year lists, festival bills, the lot.

As it turns out though, they weren't entriely faultless. With the music industry and music fans being so fickle and hard to please, it can be a minefield of hit-or-miss experiments trying to get it right, and to keep people buying your music. It becomes a fine line of keeping the sound that made your band popular in the first place, alongside exploring new ideas to make everything sound new and fresh.

Granted, it's never nice to wish a certain group would stop doing the thing that's putting food on the table, but if there's a choice between continuing to add to their vast wealth or having to suffer through another album of boring tripe, then I know what side I'm going with.

For all the bands that reinvented, refreshed, experimented, took a chance and succeeded, there are many others that failed and have long overstayed their welcome.

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