10 Bands That Just Need To Stop

10. The King Blues

Island Records

Politically-charged and armed with a strong distaste for the UK government, Jonny "Itch" Fox and his band of merry men sought to name and shame those they felt had wronged the country. Their 2011 magnum opus Punk and Poetry covered everything a modern-day punk album should do; love, the voice of the voiceless, personal consciousness, and the future. It was sublime.

Any follow-up was going to struggle but Long Live the Struggle fell apart worse than Britney Spears, circa 2007. Musically sounding boring and generic, lyrically sounding like something a 13 year old would write in the back of their homework diary, not even guest spots from Tim Armstrong and Jason Aalon Butler could save this. It's no surprise then that Itch announced that the album would act as the band's swansong.

Well, at least for three years.

Reforming in 2015, hopes were high for comeback releases Off with Their Heads EP and The Gospel Truth but both are just abhorrent shells of their past, sporting the same problems as Long Live....

From here, it's hard to believe that a reunion/reconciliation between Itch and long-time guitarist Jamie Jazz would benefit the band in any way, it's probably best to assume the damage is done and move on.

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