10 Bands That Made The Same Album Over Again

Repeating the Formula.

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As a musician, you never want to find yourself falling into bad habits. When you hit on a formula that works so perfectly the first time, it's hard to break out of that area when you've actually gotten all the success that you'd want. So...then why the hell mess with the formula and just give the people what they want?

Across every single facet of rock music, bands have made their consistency their calling card, going so far as to recreate the same album over again. Then again, recreation can come in many different shapes and sizes. While some may make an entire career by just rewriting the same kind of riff over and over again, there are also those that just decide to make a similar sounding record just to get back into good favor with their fans.

Even though these kinds of albums can feel like stumbling blocks in between albums, they actually tell you a lot more about the artists that you're working with. If it turns out bad, you know that these guys don't have a lot of gas in their tank. If it turns out well though, you may be in for one of the greatest one trick pony shows every created. Because being really good at your one trick does end up having a surprisingly long shelf life if you think about it.

10. AC/DC

After making an album like Back in Black once, you don't really need to prove anything to anyone. Considering that AC/DC could have easily hung up their guitars after the loss of Bon Scott, the fact that they burst the door off its hinges again with a totally new singer is still one of the most badass moves in rock history. Granted, the last few years have also seen a little bit more of old habits coming up.

Though AC/DC were never ones to venture too outside of their comfort zone in the first place, the output with Brian Johnson seems to be coaxing off of goodwill that they still have from Back in Black. Aside from occasionally recapturing some badassery every now and again with songs like For Those About to Rock and Thunderstruck, AC/DC have pretty much stuck to the formula that works, with each song being a variation on the typical rock power chords that we loved as kids.

Even their most recent album Power Up is still the same kind of abrasive rock and roll that we've gotten used to, with Demon Fire hitting the same note as Hells Bells did back in the day. And let's face it...Brian Johnson's vocals were never great, so the harsh delivery still feels appropriate for songs like these. Despite the formula not changing, who the hell was even asking them to?

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