10 Bands That Only Ever Released One Good Album

9. Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too - New Radicals (1998)

We all remember these guys for their single, You Get What You Give. Released towards the end of the '90s, this track seemed to filter into every up beat movie montage, TV ad and even football stadium in the country. It's become one of those songs that universally triggers nostalgia while managing to transcend any time or place.

Although the single is likely the only song people can name from this band, their first and only album is a tour de force. You can hear the sounds of the early Rolling Stones, from track one. There's a piano part that screams Sympathy for the Devil, and frontman, Gregg Alexander, channels his best Jagger impression. With trace elements of Hall and Oates style bops - and an Axel Rose impression on track four - the album did a remarkable job of pulling in inspiration, both old and contemporary, to create a sound that was uniquely pleasing.

The fall of these guys was as overnight as their success. The group was orchestrated by Gregg Alexander, who wrote, produced and performed many of the parts himself. Without a set line up, Alexander had creative control. Sadly, life on the road seemed to disparage the frontman from wanting to pursue the project further, and he disbanded the group in 1999.

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