10 Bands That Only Have One Key Member

9. John Fogerty - CCR

There's always been an element of CCR's music that seemed to be there since the dawn of time. Even though they were birthed in the same era of rock as the Summer of Love, their songs about hard living and working in the country felt like old songs lost to time and rediscovered for a new generation. Creedence were a band for the Everyman at the best of times, and all of that blue collar spirit came back to John Fogerty.

For every single album they made, John was the leading force behind nearly every element of the band, being in charge of their songwriting, production, and even bits of the management side of things as well. When he opened his mouth though, it was more than just the mild mannered person you heard in interviews, having the ability to holler on songs like Fortunate Son and then go back to the slow folksy sounds of songs like Lookin Out My Back Door.

Being in a band like this can also lead to some jealousy though, and the end of the band came with a few too many years of bad blood, with band members getting agitated that they couldn't play as much of a role in the music as John did. Then again, you have to know who you're dealing with here. John is the leading force behind everything, so just know that you might be signing on for a side gig whenever he steps up to the mic.

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