10 Bands That Saved Their Career With One Album

Where the Resurrection Begins.


No one likes a band that gets too big for their own good. Throughout music history, many groups have let ego and pride get to them and released some of the worst music they would ever create. Any sensible fan would abandon them without hesitation, but everyone also loves an underdog story.

A lot of these bands had made some very poor choices in the past that left them dead in the water. These include everything from losing band members to overcoming a shift in direction or just letting the rockstar lifestyle get to them. Regardless of how they got there, these albums are the greatest examples of bands picking up the pieces of their broken legacy and building themselves back up again. It may have been a long road back to where they were, but these albums show how determined these guys were to go for broke no matter the consequences.

These songs may have had traces of the band's original sound inside them, but going back to their roots was just what these musicians needed to rediscover their love of their craft. Things may have seemed grim for a number of these acts, but it's that much sweeter when you can prove your worth all over again.

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