10 Bands That Saved Their Career With One Album

9. Beggars Banquet - The Rolling Stones

As the British Invasion buzz started to wear off towards the mid '60s, the key players in the scene were either moving on from their initial sound or fading into the background. While plenty of musicians were left by the wayside, the Rolling Stones persevered and became one of the most interesting acts in the scene this side of The Beatles. Though not every experiment worked, the Stones were on the verge of something unprecedented with Beggars Banquet.

Up until this point, the band had come off their psychedelic album Their Satanic Majesties Request, which was deemed "rubbish" by Mick Jagger because of the more outlandish production choices. Appearing as the polar opposite of psychedelia, Beggars Banquet is the sound of the band getting back in touch with the bluesy material they fell in love with as kids, with each song touching everything from country to blues to rock and roll.

This is also the point where the Stones' dark allure becomes very real, with "Sympathy for the Devil" sounding far more dangerous than "Satisfaction". However, this road to legendary had a few bumps, with Brian Jones spiraling out on drugs and dying shortly after leaving the band. Though they may have lost their six-string cornerstone, Beggars Banquet was the one Rolling Stones album that brought them from adolescent teenagers to seasoned blues veterans.

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