10 Bands Who Had Terrible Names Before They Were Successful

9. Pink Floyd

"Pink Floyd" may not scream amazing band name, but it's hard to imagine the world's most-renowned and coveted psychedelic and progressive rock band being known as anything else.

If you came across an album called "Dark Side of the Moo", you'd be certain someone had made a typo. However, if you then spotted that the album had a cow on the front, ala Atom Heart Mother, and had been released by "The Screaming Abdabs", well, you'd probably chalk it up to a joke, put the vinyl down and walk away.

However, you'd have just discarded an unofficial bootleg released in 1986 by Pink Floyd. The album was released on an anonymous label known as Trixie Recorded under the name "The Screaming Abdabs" in order to fly under the radar, the name was actually a nod to one of the band's previous monikers.

'Dark Side of the Moo' wasn't the only "release" by The Screaming Abdabs, though, with the band seemingly feeling fondness towards the name, using it for several unofficial releases as opposed to any of their earlier names - Sigma 6, the Spectrum 5, The Meggadeaths, The Adbabs, and The Tea Set.

Pink Floyd, of course, are known to be one of the most aesthetically and aurally pleasing bands - being huge merch-shifters to this day - but it's so hard to imagine all of those wonderfully iconic Storm Thorgerson artworks on t-shirts and prints being adorned around the globe with "Screaming Abdabs" written on them.


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