10 Best 1990s Alt-Rock Albums You Need To Hear

The incredible, indefinable albums of the 1990s.


The 1990s are well known for spawning many incredible genres of music. Whether it was the Seattle sound and Grunge craze that swept the world, or the Oasis vs. Blur Britpop debate that ran rife in the UK, we could spend ages talking about all the scenes that started up in the decade. However, it’s the places in which the outcasts went that really made magic.

Many of the greatest musical treasures of the 1990s come in the form of the oddities. The albums so strange that we had to invent a new genre of music to fit them in. They were rock - that much was indisputable - however the alt bands of the '90s were so indefinable that the only thing that linked them together was their differences.

'90s alt-rock was full of unusual bands who wrote music so audaciously good or catchy that they catapulted into success. If the 1990s were a time where good music could not stay ignored for long, the albums on this list wriggled out with their weirdness and into public consciousness. Some of these are loosely metal, rock, grunge or punk, but they’re so uniquely themselves...


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