10 Best 1990s Alt-Rock Albums You Need To Hear

10. Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual (1990)

Breaking out of a Los Angeles music scene full of cheese and spandex were Jane's Addiction: a sexy four-piece showing the darker, drug-soaked, exotic underbelly of the city. Whether it was lead singer Perry Farrell’s strange prepubescent voice or the sexy topless love making Dave Navarro would commit upon his guitar, the band posted a psychedelic, gypsy-esque, funk deviation from the mainstream.

Ritual De Lo Habitual was their second and last album before splitting up (for the first time). It was the product of a band fascinated by Santería, and carving out their own unique musical vision. Most of all, the album comes from a place of drug misuse and a battle with inner demons. The fact that the album was pulled off is miraculous and the fact that it doesn’t fall apart at the seams, even more so.

The record is rocking, groovy and loose, it kicked off the phenomenon of 1990s alternative rock by proving that you could be whatever you wanted to as long as you wrote from the soul. It was ambitious and it had every right to be.


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