10 Best Bring Me The Horizon Songs

From deathcore to electronica, Bring Me The Horizon have had quite the career so far...


Bring Me The Horizon have changed dramatically over the years. It’s hard to believe the band that made Amo (2019) were also responsible for Count Your Blessings (2006).

Throughout their career, the band have embraced deathcore, metalcore, alternative rock, pop, and electronica. Yet despite these drastic genre changes, the band have developed a core fanbase willing to follow them regardless of the direction they take.

Bring Me The Horizon have managed to achieve this thanks to a remarkably consistent output. Sure, their debut album hasn’t aged particularly well, but aside from that, each record has seen the band push boundaries and grow their fanbase.

As with all great art, it’s the raw authenticity of the band’s material that makes their music so popular. Oliver Sykes’ vocals – whether they are screamed or sung – always ground Bring Me The Horizon’s music in reality. And despite the polished production, the instrumentals rarely feel cliché or disingenuous.

Their best material demonstrates this consistent authenticity as well as the band’s willingness to embrace a multitude of genres. Regardless of the style of music, Bring Me The Horizon always manage to silence any doubters…


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