10 Best Debut Rock Albums Of The 21st Century

Undeniable proof that rock is not dead.

Giant Records/Reprise Records

In 2014, the ever controversial rock icon, Gene Simmons, landed himself in hot water (for a change) when he declared that rock & roll was dead. This provoked uproar from modern rock and metal fans, but was sadly met with reluctant agreement by others.

The fact of the matter is, rock may seem dead and buried to the outsider as it no longer gets the exposure it rightfully deserves. As for us fans, we know that rock is alive and possibly more varied than it has ever been. The exceptional variety of modern rock means that it surely has something for everyone, to the point where even the most skeptical fans could stumble across a hidden gem.

It seems hard to believe that the arrival of the 21st century happened over 20 years ago now, but this time window has gifted us with some fantastic music. Eternally changing currents in the music industry make it hard for bands and even genres as a whole to stick, which is why an impactful debut is more important than ever. With that being said, here are ten bands who certainly hit the ground running and went on to have amazing careers thanks to the strength of their debut material.

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