10 Best Double Albums In Rock Music History

9. London Calling - The Clash

Aside from being that band your weird uncle with the shaved head likes, The Clash were also one of the biggest punk groups on the planet during the 1970s.

Joe Strummer and his pals hit the peak of their popularity with this release from 1979. The double LP London Calling served as the perfect midpoint between the heavy riffs of the previous decade and the most restrained sounds of the decade to come.

But let's be honest, you're all here for the title track.

By far and away the most famous song on the entire album, the track London Calling is actually the first thing you'll hear if you decide to play it.

What is there to say about it? It's that song you've heard every single time somebody goes to London in a movie or TV show. It's iconic for a reason.

But there is more to be found amongst the 19 songs here.

Tracks like Spanish Bombs and Train in Vain are favourites amongst those in the know, and there's also some great covers like their version of Revolution Rock.

Please don't turn this thing off after the first song. Please.


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