10 Best Eminem Music Videos

10. Cleanin' Out My Closet

Anybody growing up in the early 2000s will be more than well aware of the incredibly public, tumultuous relationship that Marshall Mathers had with mother Mathers. It was a feud like few in music history. There were disputes, lawsuits and some very sore roots that defined both Eminem's character and Marshall as a person. Until this video dropped, however, and looking back at it after nearly 20 years, you really begin to comprehend the destitute magnitude of their broken bond.

Although a lot of Eminem's music centres around him being profusely upset with his past personal life, we've never quite seen the man as vulnerable and naked as he is here. He really puts everything on show, exposing his plethora of problems with no resolve. The video shares the same heartbreaking sentiments as the song itself does, with the overarching story remaining prevalent throughout.

He puts the entire timeline on display here in a montage of flashbacks that's inter-cut with him in the present day, presumably burying his mother. Maybe in a metaphorical instance of him claiming that she is indeed dead to him. It's a hard sell for most artists to pull off an entire video centred around him literally burying his mom, but through the sense of sympathy you feel for him and the ill contempt that he and his mother have for one another, the video flawlessly paints a picture of a flawed man and just how he became so.

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