10 Best Experimental Rock Songs Of All Time

9. Th' Faith Healers.- Reptile Smile

Few British groups embraced the Krautrock movement so thoroughly, nor so effectively, as the short lived London four piece Th’ Faith Healers. The majority of their tunes take inspiration from bands like Can and Neu as well as the burgeoning shoegaze movement, and perhaps the best of the bunch is “Reptile Smile” from their 1992 EP Mr Litnanski.

Th’ Faith Healers made deeply distorted and noisy guitar rock that you could actually dance to. It all starts from that motorik beat that drummer Joe Dilworth locks into from the off and barely diverts from. It’s simple but incredibly propulsive, making for a tune that would fill floors in a select number of indie clubs.

Vocalist Roxanne Stephen makes the song out of a few select phrases, which she flits between, first sung without enthusiasm, later yelped like a woman possessed. The guitar work adds the song’s edge, a snaky, appropriately reptilian performance.

Th’ Faith Healers’ discography is comprised primarily of tracks of this nature, music that sounds simple in its craft but is structured so as to make lengthy songs that only become more involving as they go on.


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