10 Best Final Albums In Rock

Music Legends' grand finale.

RCA Columbia

Music is an ongoing process that is an ever-evolving pursuit for the people who compose it. As a band goes through the trials and tribulations of life, their art more often than not is a reflection of where they are at that moment. So what happens when that music is silenced?

While many artists have killer debut albums, it is always much trickier to have a final statement that wraps up your entire career. An artist's ability to put finishing touches on their discography involves creating songs that are both a departure from your roots while still being able to go toe-to-toe with your best work.

These are the prime examples of the fond farewells and the tearful sendoffs for some of rock's most celebrated artists. Whether it be through the artist's demise or through simple creative differences, all of the albums showcased here are where their story ends. Even if the musicians on this list may only be with us in spirit, their presence will always be felt through the music they have given us.

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