10 Best Final Albums In Rock

10. Thanks For The Dance - Leonard Cohen

Throughout his career, Leonard Cohen was constantly praised in rock circles for his emotionally-stirring lyrics. While there have been countless rock love songs, Cohen was one of the few "rockstars" that truly understood the power of love's sting.

As we lost him in 2016, fans were met with You Want it Darker, a record that was a sort of sonic epitaph that Cohen wrote as he grew acceptance towards his death. However, Thanks for the Dance is the posthumous goodbye to the Cohen that we have gotten to know throughout the years.

Throughout its half-hour runtime, this record compiles bits of Cohen's spoken word poetry interspersed with music written by his son Adam. These songs show a man who is bit weather-beaten by love like on the cautionary tale "Happens to the Heart." The emotional rollercoaster continues through "The Night of Santiago," where Cohen describes a romantic rendezvous inspired by the work of the poet Lorca. Instead of coming off as a cheap posthumous cash-in, Thanks for the Dance is some of the most gripping music to come from Cohen's discography. You Want it Darker was farewell to Cohen the man, but Thanks for the Dance is the real goodbye from Cohen the lover.

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