10 Best Genre-Blending Rock Albums Of The 2010s

9. Holy Fire - Foals (2013)

Holy Fire was when everything came together for Foals. They'd had great records before, and a string of standout tracks, with Spanish Sahara deserving an honourable mention.

But, this album was the culmination of several years spent honing that unmistakable sound Foals have carved out, and later records ended up feeling like continuations of this album.

Foals have a unique ability to exist both in the world of alternative rock and pop. When the single My Number was released, it was heard everywhere and even non-rock lovers would join in with the 'DO DO DO DA DO' melody. But besides from this pop-rock single the Foals also came out with Inhaler.

It was one of their heaviest tracks to date, with a breakdown that any metal band would have been proud of. Thick bass lines, arpeggio guitar, and heavily distorted power chords made this track reminiscent of something Rage Against the Machine might have written in another life.

Anyone who has seen Foals live can testify that they put on one hell of a performance. The rolling drums, constant tempo changes and surging pre-choruses make their live gigs feel more like dance shows than rock concerts. And it's the tracks on this album that help transform those concerts into something special.


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