10 Best Guitarists Of The 2000s

Guitar Gods of the Millennial Generation.


As the music world reached the turn of the century, being in a rock band wasn't really that cool. Many of the greatest artistic voices at the start of the 2000's were coming from the hip hop community along with some amazing pop artists. Even though some rock bands were coming out of the woodwork, guitarists from the nu metal and pop punk scenes were mining a relatively rudimentary guitar style.

However, that doesn't mean that there weren't any stellar guitarists out there. As the decade slowly got underway, the rock world saw an influx of fantastic six-stringers emerge as well as some old dogs stepping up to deliver even more fantastic performances. These shredders brought amazing riffs that sounded incredibly fresh and have since become classics of modern rock.

In an era when rock's spotlight was waning, these musicians were able to pick up the mantle of the old guard and inspire the next generation of guitarists to pick up their instruments and actually learn how to play them. May they continue to give more fretboard brilliance for many years to come.


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