10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 80s

Trading Synthesizers for Guitar Riffs.


The 1980's were rightfully considered the decade of decadence on the music front. Not only were the artists of this time period global stars, but their music also sounded monumental from buzzy keyboards to cannon-shot sounding snare drums. In the realm of big sounds, rock quickly followed suit by making the genre heavier as each year went by.

Across the entire decade, artists were coming out of the woodwork determined to blow away any hard rock band in their path. On the other side of the spectrum, the young and hungry bands from hard rock's glory years were now seasoned pros who were building up their own legacies with each new record they put out. While competition may have been fierce amongst the bands, listeners won out in the end by getting some of the best hard rock music the genre had to offer.

Even if some of these records ended up being subtle career blips for everyone involved, others were the building blocks for what would become hard rock's next generation. In the era of the spandex and splashy sounding synths, these artists always made sure their music was as tough as nails for rockers around the world.

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