10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 90s

10. Rust In Peace - Megadeth

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Being kicked out of one of the world's biggest bands would understandably crush most musicians, you work so hard to get that big break only to have it snatched away from you. In the case of Dave Mustaine, he used the crushing disappointment of being ejected from Metallica as a springboard to improve himself as a musician. That improvement culminated in his finest work to date with his new band Megadeth, Rust In Peace.

The two disc 1990 release is as polished an album as anything the genre has seen before. Songs like Holy Wars....The Punishment Due, Take No Prisoners and Tornado of Souls are perfect examples of Mustaine's ability as both a song writer and a guitarist when given the freedom to express himself; something he was arguably deprived of in Metallica. It is Hangar 18 however when the album really shines, a song with so many tempo changes it boggles the mind. The guitar work throughout is exemplary and matches anything that Metallica have ever done, perhaps even raises the bar.

Rust In Peace is perhaps the greatest example of a musician using a disappointment to better himself, and is rightfully held up as one of the finest albums of the early 90's.

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