10 Best Hard Rock Albums Since 2010

The greatest headbangers of the past decade.


Once the 2010's started, good rock bands oftentimes felt very few and far between in the mainstream. Even if rock found its way onto the charts, it would always have to be interpolated with other genres like EDM and hip hop in order to be taken seriously. Rock seemed like it was dying...but maybe we just weren't looking hard enough.

Across the past decade, there were many fantastic albums surfacing that sounded like rock roaring back to life. Instead of putting out straight classic-rock plagiarisms throughout their runtime, these albums had the songwriting behind them to turn them from also-rans to career standouts. Some of these raucous records kicked so much ass that they are able to hold their own against the rock classics of decades past.

Whether it was seasoned veterans of the genre or bold new faces still going strong, these albums proved that not only was rock not dead, but will continue to thrive for decades to come. When the mainstream was steeped with rap and pop music, these records will still make you throw the horns up every time.


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