10 Best Hard Rock Albums Since 2010

10. Rush - Clockwork Angels

After 40 years of writing the prog rock handbook, Rush had settled into their evergreen period as the new millennium arrived. With later releases like Vapor Trails, the band was still more than capable of producing fabulous hard rock songs that were euphoric musical headtrips.

At the turn of the decade, the band returned to the studio to work on their first full concept album with a story written by drummer Neil Peart. While the band had wrote long narrative pieces in the past, this new venture of an entire album was incredibly daring. Then again, with musical masterminds like this power trio, the project was never in shaky hands.

The way Peart's steam-punk narrative is woven together with Geddy Lee's thunderous bass and Alex Lifeson's eclectic lead breaks is done to near musical perfection. From the blast of "Headlong Flight" to the somber conclusion of "The Garden," the melodies present on each of these tracks cannot be denied.

After the accompanying tour and reunion shows, Rush quietly decided to call it a career and settle into retirement. Now that Neil Peart has left this world, Clockwork Angels stands as the band's stunning finish to a near-perfect discography.


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