10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Live Bands Of 2017

“As we perform here, upon the stage…”

PA Wire/PA Archive

To succeed in rock n’ roll, you have to be a great live band. It’s practically a prerequisite. This is a rule that applies not only to the heaviest of acts within the metal-sphere, but any group that wants to make a big impact with loud guitars and sharp percussion.

Ergo, it only seems right to list out the ten best heavy live acts of 2017: not only because we did it last year, but also to, hopefully, give some of this generation’s best performers who haven’t hit their peak popularity yet the kudos that they sorely deserve.

So, for this list, big and infamously brilliant names like Metallica, Rammstein and Slipknot are banned, purely because everybody knows how great those bands are already. Any group that managed to make the cut into our recent “Best Metal Live Performances of 2016” or “10 Best Live Acts in Metal Today” lists are also barred, purely because repetition is boring. If there’s a band that doesn’t make this list that you think should, you can probably find them in at least one of those articles.

Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s take a look at the rockers and metallers that totally blew our socks off in 2017!


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