Alter Bridge

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Are you ready to Rise Today?
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Alter Bridge Mark Tremonti Interview: My Champion, Kirk Hammett Hardwired Solos & More

The Tremonster continues to be one of the most outstanding musicians working today.
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Alter Bridge and Game of Thrones. You connect the dots.
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20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2016

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10 Great Things In Metal This Week (27th Nov)

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Myles Kennedy Interview: The Last Hero, His Solo Album, Citizen Swing & More

"Stay in the moment, make it honest, try and make it move you and hopefully it'll move your fans."…
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Alter Bridge: The Last Hero - 13 Tracks Reviewed & Ranked

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Alter Bridge: The Last Hero - 6 Things We Learned From The Cover Art

A concept album, Spartan imagery and... a logo swap?!
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10 Most Criminally Underrated Alter Bridge Songs You Must Hear

There's SO much more to them than just Metalingus.
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Mark Tremonti Interview: Recording Dust, New Alter Bridge Album Details And More

"Don't think you have to simplify anything, go for broke. That's what you hear happening."…
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