10 Best Hard Rock Bands Not In The Hall Of Fame

Outrageous omissions and scandalous snubs.

© Simone Cecchetti/Corbis

Ever since the 1980s, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has inducted dozens of artists into its annals for making significant contributions to the genre and for standing out as legends in their field. Every year, a new set of artists are voted to be included within the Hall of Fame, joining already established artists as giants of the music industry. For many, being inducted is a sign that they have forever been cemented as icons of rock music.

Despite this, there are still a number of noteworthy artists that, for whatever reason, have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Even though the following bands are arguably rock legends in their own right, none of them have been inducted yet, even though some of them have been eligible for several years.

Side note: in order for an artist to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, at least 25 years must have passed since the release of their debut record. So although their may be dozens of recent bands that are deserving of being in the Hall of Fame, if 25 years have not passed since their first release, then they are not eligible for the Hall of Fame yet, and therefore, not eligible for this list.

Let's get on with it.


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