10 Best Hard Rock & Rap Cross-Over Songs

When two worlds collide...


On the surface, rap and rock seemed to be the farthest genres on the musical spectrum. While rock focuses on writing sharp songs as a band, the samples and percussive wordplay of rap music seems to be a big turn-off for many hard rockers. Then again, do they really have that many differences?

Each genre relies on a driving back beat as well as a certain amount of bravado to get your point across to the audience. There's even a size to both of these genres that have made them great for playing in stadiums around the world. So, why haven't these genres co-mingled more often?

There have been some fantastic nu metal bands that have catered to the angry adolescent teenager over the years, but these are the acts that got it right on both fronts. These songs have a great presence to them that can cater to both the hard rocker as well as the hip hop head. Rather than just being a bit of hip hop or rock street cred, the collaborators on these tracks really bring their A-game to make these tunes go from great to outstanding.

As new genres interplay every day, let's take a look at the rap-rock tunes that truly shook the music world.


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