10 Best Hip-Hop Albums From The First Half Of 2019

The best projects Music's new top genre has to offer.


2019 has been an interesting year for hip hop, and music in general. After a slow start in which the quantity of big name releases stagnated in comparison to past years, 2019 has begun to take shape, with a wide variety of new acts and established vets combining to create some epic sounds.

In an era where the "album" is under fire in favor of playlists, these 10 artists were each able to create fully realized pieces of music.

Let's praise them...


10. 2 Chainz - Rap Or Go To The League


On Rap Or Go To The League, 2 Chainz perfects his unique position in hip hop, often being grouped with so-called "Mumble Rappers" while having more commonalities and respect from traditional rappers. From tracks focused on social commentary such as "NCAA" and "Sam", to more braggadocius cuts like the Young Thug assisted "High Top Versace", Rap Or Go to The League covers all of 2 Chainz as a person, from being a father and husband to a pioneer in the Atlanta music scene.

If you have time for only song from this album, make it "Forgiven".

2 Chainz reflects on his upbringing and learning of one of his close friend's son passing away over samples of Jay Z and a PA announcer from his youth basketball days. The hook delivered by Marsha Ambrosius and a closing piece of spoken word perfectly capture 2 Chainz's introspection and search for peace.

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