10 Best Hip-Hop Albums From The First Half Of 2019

9. Goldlink - Diaspora


Diaspora is black music. As the title may suggest, Goldlink pulls inspiration from a wide variety of sounds from around the world to create this bouncy, made-for-summer album. With his trademark DC flow, Goldlink rides the beat effortlessly, enlisting a wide variety of contributors to capture this global-sounding type of music.

Though never slacking in his lyrics, Goldlink's main focus is making each song as fully fleshed out as possible. Though he's been putting in work for years, his official debut album is full of infectious anthems that celebrate life and blackness.

If you have time for only one song from this album, make it "Maniac."

The refrain "'Bout to make a million for all my children." is bound to get stuck in your head as Goldlink celebrates his status in the DMV and pays tribute to the late Mac Miller.

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