10 Best IDLES Songs

They’ve a small discography, but it’s full of bangers...

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Since Bristolian band IDLES have broken onto the scene, they’ve been on an almost meteoric rise having done tours in Europe and starred on Jools Hollands’s show.

Their punk energy is a hark back to the 80s with meaningful lyrics layered with Pathos and undeniable thought behind them. They’re the sort of lyrics that make you want to get involved and make the world a better place in which to live.

Their two feature albums - Brutalism and Joy As An Act Of Resistance - have so many good songs that this could be a list of 20, so read on to see what made the cut.


10. Date Night

It’s a memorable early track in the listings of Brutalism. From it you get a measure of Joe Talbot's style when it comes to performing. It’s snarling and harnesses that aforementioned punk energy of the '80s.

For many it’s a very relatable song - 'patience, i've got no goddamn patience', which builds back in to the energy that the band generates, not wanting to wait or stop.

The song tells a story of love lost in a subtle way, rather than destructive arguments “we barely scream or shout [...] because neither of us care”. This also signals a sense of resignation with “I guess we was born to fail”. This message of resignation is juxtaposed against the urgent, febrile nature of the music. A worthy entrant to the top-10.

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