10 Best Iron Maiden Songs

10. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

There would be something wrong if the song named after the band, featured on the album named after the band, wasn't one of their greatest. Closing out the album, Iron Maiden was the track that truly announced the band as a new powerhouse in the industry.

One of only nine songs to feature the original line-up with Paul Di'Anno on vocals and Dennis Stratton on the guitar, Iron Maiden is something of a rarity.

This song boasts so much of what makes the band unique. The racing tempo, the dual guitar riff, and Steve Harris' thundering bass would become staples that the band would employ for the next forty plus years.

To this day, this song remains one of the most popular in Iron Maiden's extensive, almost un-ending back catalogue, with no live show going by without it being played.

One of the trademark hits of the band, the boys use it as the perfect time to bring out their mechanical robot mascot, Eddie, on stage.

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