10 Best Live Rock Bands

When the live stage becomes musical church.


There are many cases where bands thrive when they're in the studio making some of the most finely crafted tunes ever made. The art of peddling away at your sound to get a flawless masterpiece is always a commendable undertaking. However, what separates the technicians from the professional musicians is how you translate that studio recording onto the live stage.

As a performer, you realize very quickly that a show means so much more than just perfectly playing the song as it's heard on the record. Throughout each song, each respective band member has to put their heart into their performance as they bear their soul before the audience.

In a way, putting together a full set is like building a self-contained album experience every night. Sure, you may not need to slave over a guitar part for hours, but there's a shared artistic goal of taking the listener on a journey through the power of your music.

These acts have even taken the live performance once step further as they turn their performances into modern spectacles that are as cathartic for the audience as it is for the artist. By seeing these performances, music can go from catchy tunes to something transcendent.

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