10 Best Live Versions Of Rock Music Classics

No one did live music like Nirvana.

Nirvana paramount DVD

After months of being deprived of live music, people have slowly started to filter back into pub venues, theatres and arenas.

No one has missed paying twice the acceptable amount for a pint - or having half the contents of said pint sloshed over them for that matter - but the atmosphere of a live show has been sorely needed.

If the idea of being packed into a crowded space still fills you with a degree of trepidation, however, you've probably aired on the side of caution and forgone the pleasure. Resisting the temptation to see your favourite band is to be commended, in such circumstances. Whichever camp you sit in, these musicians will help sate your desire for a good old sweaty rock gig.

Close your blinds, set up your best speakers and order in a few bottles of your preferred tipple. This list contains the best of the best, and will give you that much needed fix of raw and unfiltered live rock music.

10. With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker (1969)

Put all the dodgy camera framing aside, this performance solidified Joe Cocker as one of the great voices in music. Woodstock 1969 was infamous for its bad weather, poor planning and over crowding. But for all the chaos, the event was marked by multiple performances that became iconic moments in the history of music.

Almost half a million people were estimated to have attended the festival. Although the crowds slowly thinned as the festival was continuously hindered by delays and thunder storms, Joe Cocker still took to the stage and performed a stirring rendition of a Beatles classic.

Cocker's electric charisma was unparalleled, he had one of the most unconventional stage personas in music. As if plugged into the mains, Cocker twitched and writhed like a man possessed by the holy spirit of rock n' roll. And indeed, his vocal performance was reminiscent of a preacher, instilling the fear of go into their flock. In this case, however, Cocker was instilling the power of rock n' roll into his audience.

His erratic but captivating movements were matched only by his vocal ability. There hasn't been a voice like this in a long time.

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