10 Best Metal Albums Of The 90's

The eerie soundscapes of Generation X.


The 90's were known as a turbulent time for metal music. As the decade started off, the hair metal movement died a pretty blunt death at the hands of the alternative boom coming out of Seattle. At the same time, the titans of heavier genres like thrash metal were taking over the mainstream to fill the heavier void.

With the rock scene progressing by leaps and bounds, the metal sphere also opened up to include all different kinds of sounds from stoner metal to rap rock to industrial music. Even the more alternative-leaning bands were coming out with records that had a certain amount of heaviness in their song construction.

Gone were the paint-by-numbers party song construction of 80's metal. This decade helped reinvigorate the public's need for heavy music by providing watershed moments for the genre with every passing year. By the time the 2000's rolled around, metal had reinvented itself more than a couple of times, with albums that would soon become classics of the genre. While the start of the 90's signaled the end of some of metal's mainstay genres, the liveliness of the metal scene looked hopeful for the future by the decade's end.

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