10 Best Metal EPs Of 2017 (So Far)

Short and incredibly sweet.

Atlantic/Big Cartel/Basick

In the world of heavy metal, it's always the full-length, long-playing albums that get all the love, isn't it?

At the end of every year, countless lists on countless sites (including us, we can't lie) detail the best heavy records to come out of the last twelve months, but one thing that's often overlooked is the little sibling of the LP: The EP.

Even though they very rarely stretch past the 30-minute mark, EP's can sometimes prove to be far more enjoyable journeys than their lengthier relatives, providing a short jolt of musical brilliance that leaves the listener impatiently craving more.

Such is the case with the ten discs listed in the forthcoming article. Featuring household names like Halestorm all the way to up-and-comers such as the underground Dendera and Tiberius, rockers big and small have been pumping out phenomenal mini-albums in 2017, and they all deserve to be heard by the metal-loving masses.

However, before the list proper gets underway, Born of Osiris's The Eternal Reign deserves a massive shout-out. It's a great release, however, due to it being a re-recording of the band's earlier The New Reign (2007), it couldn't quite crack it into the top ten.

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