10 Best Muse Songs

The space rock giants' greatest offerings.

Rich Fury/AP

Muse have been one of the most successful acts to come out of the UK in the past 20 years. From their Radiohead-esque tendencies in their early career to the operatic rock of The Resistance and synth driven songs on Simulation Theory, Muse have always taken wildly drastic turns with their sound.

These changes seem to elicit strong impressions among listeners and have helped the band gain a rabid fan following along the way.

As a result, Muse’s repertoire has some of the greatest rock music ever to be made in the 2000s. Whether it’s filtered through synths or grand orchestral arrangements, the songs still hold up as creative rock masterpieces.


10. Supremacy- The 2nd Law (2012)

The 2nd Law was one of the group’s more contentious releases, with them embracing more dubstep production styles and influences from electronic music. But this album’s opener is one of the greatest James Bond songs never made.

The way the strings bounce off Matt Bellamy’s guitar riffs perfectly and present a massive wall of sound that just needs to be heard to be believed. The verses are stripped back, setting the scene for this sonic journey. Then Bellamy’s scream on the line “the time it has come to destroy your SUPREMACY” moves something in your gut that makes you jump out of your skin when you hear it.

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