10 Best Opening Album Tracks

8. David Bowie - Five Years


One of glam rock's earliest albums, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Starust is still considered by many to be one of David Bowie's best releases. Every song works and it has one of the strongest tracklists on any album. It all starts with the spacey and dramatic Five Years.

A simple, staggered drum beat starts it all as other instruments collectively join in as the song progresses before reaching a final crescendo led by scratching violins. The agony in Bowie's screaming vocals at the conclusion of the song gives it a heartbreaking feel. 

It sends the message to the listener just how eloquently put together the rest of the album is going to be. By the end of Five Years, you know it's going to be a glam rock/space opera thrill ride, packed with fantastic lyrics. Five Years is also a fascinating opening track because it could be a closer too. Imagine that scream of 'Five Years/That's all we've got!" ending the album.


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