10 Best Paramore Songs - Ranked

There's a reason Paramore were the soundtrack to your teenage years.

Yui Mok/PA Archive

Paramore have been a prominent rock act for well over a decade. Starting out as a group of teenagers with a pop-punk sound, the band have undergone a number of changes throughout their career.

In addition to their original sound, Paramore have delved into alternative rock, pop rock, new wave, and hard rock. Whilst each of their albums have varied in terms of commercial success, the band’s willingness to embrace a multitude of genres certainly hasn’t hindered the quality of their output.

Yet Paramore have also been wrought with tension over the years. The departure of the Farro brothers in 2010 and Jeremy Davis in 2015 were both uncomfortable milestones in the band’s history.

Despite such issues, Paramore are remembered fondly by those who grew up listening to their music and stuck with them during their times of turmoil.

In terms of their best material, the band have had plenty of big singles over the years. Songs such as ‘Misery Business’, ‘Still Into You’, and ‘Ain’t It Fun’ were all huge at the time of release.

Yet, there are a number of obscure gems throughout Paramore’s discography which also rank amongst their best material…

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