10 Best Paramore Songs - Ranked

10. Misery Business - Riot! (2007)

‘Misery Business’ was Paramore’s breakout single and has subsequently become a pop-punk classic.

Ironically enough, ‘Misery Business’ is also one of the band’s heaviest tracks, with the instrumental throughout the verses having an almost nu-metal sound.

The vocals also carry plenty of punch. Hayley Williams’ angst-ridden voice cuts through this track as she tackles themes of adolescent romance and revenge.

As memorable as the riffs and the choruses are, it’s the bridge that really stands out. With a more stripped back and atmospheric instrumental, Williams’ vocals shine during this section, and the guitar solo always gets the crowd going in a live setting.

Even with the on-the-nose lyrics, this massive single from the band’s sophomore album has stood the test of time thanks to a multitude of hooks and an unforgettable vocal delivery.

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