10 Best Rock Comeback Albums

9. The System Has Failed - Megadeth

So what if someone thinks that you can't play up to your usual standard anymore? Whereas most bands fade into obscurity, it takes the true legends to actually come back from the break bigger than they ever were. It gets more complicated when you have a doctor sticking his opinion in the proceedings though.

When Dave Mustaine was entering rehab, he had fallen asleep on an armchair and had circulation completely cut off in his left hand. This wasn't just a case of his arm falling asleep...this was enough for doctors to say that he would never play the guitar again. Even after Dave turned over the Megadeth name to Dave Ellefson, he managed to go through countless hours of treatment and get his playing back to its classic level on The System Has Failed.

Bringing in Chris Poland from the glory days to drop in solos here and there, Dave felt like a new man after going through the whole ordeal, almost like he was trying to prove to the world that he still had something to say.

To put it in perspective, this is the equivalent of a runner cutting their hamstring and told that they'd never run again. Then again, when you've put your life's work into something like this, you weren't going to go down without a fight.

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